Saturday, December 18, 2010

Drinking Coffee Is Always Bad?

Too much coffee or tea is not a substitute drink of water. Caffeine is contained in these drinks is 'attracting water'. However, recent studies also indicate that caffeine is not too bad for you. Caffeine helps prevent Parkinson's disease, cirrhosis, and male fertility. Caffeine also showed protects function to the brain, perhaps from Alzheimer's disease (senile).

a cup of coffee and coffee beans

A study conducted by Harvard Medical Center showed that the risk of getting type 2 diabetes mellitus is lower among coffee drinkers. Coffee has also been linked lower rate in suicide rates, colon cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease in women.

Coffee has more antioxidants than 1000, which is a higher amount of antioxidants than green tea. People who drink uncaffeinated coffee also show a lower risk of diabetes, although with the benefit of a lower risk of diabetes as well.

The key is always the same that is enough. One or two cups of coffee every day will not hurt you, and research on the above show that it might help you. But there are individuals who did not drink coffee, for example patients with cardiac arrhythmias (heart rhythm disorder).

So, I give you tips in order you can take benefits from coffee, and enjoy to drink the coffee as you like. Healthy tips for drinking coffee is described as follow:
  1. Use a coffee filter that is not bleached (not using a filter that uses bleach)
  2. Use organic coffee (free of pesticides and other impurities)
  3. Water from a good source
  4. If you want to drink coffee with cream, use low-fat milk
  5. Never use Styrofoam, like tyrene are considered possible causes of cancer in humans, which tend to migrate into food and beverages more quickly if hot.
Stay health and enjoy your cup of coffee...

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