Thursday, December 30, 2010

Plan a Healthy Blog in this New Year

The new year will start in the few next days. How about your plans and your resolutions in the whole next year? I hope you all get better health and wellness. You should create your resolution as your promise to yourself. You should plan your life to your next life. You should manage your health, your budget, your hope, your passion in order to you can reach your dream. I am sure that dream will come true if you're really want it (by sidekick).

In the early of December, I am happy that I met a new people in my life who encourage me to write an original matter in my personal blog. So, I decide to make over my blog to reach a healthy blog as well as a right one. A healthy blog refers to a good blog which contained legal content and picture. The copy right issue is one of the most important principles we should follow in the world wide. Because a blogger is a world wide citizen, so a blogger should follow this international rule. That's the point I think! In addition, this principle is one way to reach a monetized blog. Are you interested to the idea? should..

I will learn earnestly to make my blog can go to the audience well. I hope this blog can grow faster in the internet atmosphere (this is common dream of blogger..yeahhh...!!). For me, blogging is one of activities to enhance my eHealth activities in the offline setting. My dream is Indonesia has an established eHealth system. I wish...

Happy new year pals, may you always be in the shelter of god, reach the most beautiful moment in this new year!

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