Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Benefits of Fever

Benefits of fever may be present in the relation to the infection. The increased body temperature plays an important role in responding to the 'war' against the invasion of pathogenic organisms. High temperatures will increase destruction process of pathogenic agent. In addition, the fever will also increase the speed of invation activity from the dependent-enzyme agent. Thus, an enzyme will be quickly exhausted and rapid invasion process will be completed soon, the bacteria will die because of the lack of "fuel" to invansion to our body, so we can recover then. Uughh, our body is so cute, right?

Killing process of the pathogenic agent by heat or fever mechanism continues in the body. One theory argues that the increased temperature will increases the demand of iron and lowering iron concentration in the blood (and also other substance such as zinc and copper). This substance is the material of life from the pathogenic agent. The lack of this essential material will kill the pathogenic agent. Finally, the pathogenic agent will be killed at all. Furthermore, in the fever condition, the damaged cells due to viral invasion promptly destroyed so that viral replication (multiplication of the virus) is inhibited. So, this fever has benefit value to our body. Keep your mind and stay health..

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