Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Five Basics of The Nutrigenomics

The relationship between nutrition and genomics is a new thing in the medical world. Recently, the research are focused in this area. The goal is to reach the better healthy lifestyle in the human race. In the 2008, the most nutrigenomist, Jim Kaput, described 5 basics of the nutrigenomics research, that are:
  1. The chemical agent in the diet is generally as human genom to expresse the gene.
  2. Individually in the certainty condition, the diet can be a serious risk factor for many diseases.
  3. Some of the related diet-genomic tend to play roles in the development of the onset of disease, incidence, and severity of chronic disease.
  4. Level of diet can be affected to the balancing between the health and disease depend on the genetic improvement.
  5. Diet intervention based on the nutritional needs and genotype, the personalized nutrition, can be used to prevent, reducing, and cure the chronical disease.

So, this is a new era in the medical science that can be a good achievement in the preventive and curative stage in the disease. Regards.

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