Monday, January 3, 2011

Sleep and Anti-aging Program

A quality night’s sleep can help you to wake up more fresh and more radiant in the morning. Sleep is very important to your health. A good night's sleep is commonly associated to anti-aging program. When we sleep, these cells will be regulated with the new one. Sleeping can reverse the hormone cortisol effects (as you know, cortisol is one of the stress hormone). The “evil” neurotransmitter such as epinephrine and nor-epinephrine can be enhanced when we sleep. And conversely, a growth hormone is released when we sleep. So, that’s why a baby is designed tend to sleep whole day! Because they need to grow well.

Your un-healthy lifestyle will disrupt your sleep cycle. A bad quality of night's sleep will lead to increase the stress hormone level. This condition will increase our desire to eat more carbohydrates. The result is weight gain! Besides, good night's sleep will also improve our cognitive abilities. The day after sleeping soundly, you will be able to think fresh, solve the problems, considering much more. During the sleep cycle, your body releases the hormone melatonin, which has a positive effect on the skin and immune system. So, let's sleep. Because, sleep is very important for your body and mind. Get your best health in your best sleep...

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