Friday, March 4, 2011

Look Your Best During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a joyous time for many women. It also brings with it many symptoms and body changes, which differ from intensity in different expecting mothers. Some women experience few symptoms, others have a very comfortable pregnancy, while others get every symptom in the books. However, one thing is for sure, symptoms or no symptoms; every woman wants to look her best during pregnancy.

Some of the changes may or may not affect a woman's skin. Some women look radiant while others get breakouts or dark spots on their faces. Proper cleansing of the skin to minimize breakouts is recommended. During pregnancy, hormonal changes determine much, and learning how to handle whatever changes a pregnant woman is experience will help her look her best during this time. Whether a woman is experiencing oily or dry skin, choosing the right mild cleanser is important. Fortunately, there are tons of products in the market, including special makeup, and many cater to pregnant women.

Following a healthy diet and doing a moderate amount of exercise, following the doctor's recommendations will help in not gaining unnecessary weight and keeping the body in good shape to receive baby. Fashion is important during these days. Although some of the symptoms may have a woman feeling sick and under the weather, there is no reason why she cannot look pretty during this special time of her life. Fashion for pregnant women has come a long way. Now, there are many fashionable items for an expecting mother to choose from and look gorgeous. Many styles available in the regular clothing departments are now available for pregnant women. One of the fun things to do during pregnancy is to choose a pregnancy wardrobe, which can double as a post pregnancy wardrobe, as many styles are versatile, especially dresses and tops.

Hormonal changes may have you smelling different from your usual womanly scent. Some pregnant women complain that they smell sweet or different. Choosing a great perfume to enhance your mood is also a great way to feel better.

Hormonal changes also bring blessings to many women such as a glowing skin, great head of hair, bigger breasts, and fast growing fingernails. Take advantage of these, and show them off. The texture and bounce of hair may change as well, making hair suitable to experiment with other types of hairstyles. This is the time to pamper yourself and feel good. Enjoy a pedicure or manicure and treat yourself to a cute necklace or earring set. Avoid rings or bracelets as your size may change. A pair of great and fashionable comfortable shoes will look amazing with your new wardrobe.

Overall, enjoy this time in your life - these nine months are about you and your body; feel like a goddess of creation.

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