Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pregnancies Greatest Trial Labor

There are several things that have to be planned in advanced for baby's big day, their birth. During pregnancy, you will start to feel Braxton hicks contractions near the end of the pregnancy. These are somewhat like labor pains that prepare you for what is to come at birth. During the last month of your pregnancy, be sure to pack up a special bag for the hospital stay for you and your new bundle of sunshine.

When packing is sure to consider an up-to-date address book, it should have everyone listed in your family and those that are close friends that way when the baby comes into the world, you can call and inform everyone of your new addition to your family. You might need to include a prepaid calling card or your cell phone to make long distance calls.

Slippers are very important after you have your baby, these will come in handy when you are tired of sitting in your room and wish to venture outside for a breath of fresh air, putting on a pair of sneakers is excessively complicated and might be impossible for someone that has just had a cesarean. It is always nice to be comfortable after going through the pain of labor, so be sure to pack your favorite cozy bathrobe.

The outfit that you had on when entering the hospital might not be so clean now, so the need for new clothes while in the hospital will arise. Be sure to pack enough clothes for your stay at the hospital and clothes to go home in. You cannot forget about your bundle of joy, plan according to the weather what their outfit will be when coming home. You can choose to carry a few different outfits for the hospital; some allow parents to change their newborns while they are still admitted.

Batteries, the one thing that every home should have a large supply of, especially those with children. A camera is necessary have for pictures of the new baby, if you do not own a digital camera; a disposable one will do fine. If you have a camera that takes film rolls, be sure to pack enough film for the entire stay, there are never enough pictures to be taken.

The hospital that you stay in might have all the necessitates as far as snacks, meals, a television in your room, and all of your bathroom needs such as shampoo, conditioner, soap, or body wash; however, there are still some new moms that want to feel as clean as they do at home so they bring their own supplies. Whatever it is that you will need for your two or three night stay with your newborn baby, you should pack into your "hospital bag". Entertainment might be a good category to pack as well as toothbrushes and make up.

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