Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Risks Associated With a Multiple Pregnancy

It is important for women who are pregnant with multiple babies to be educated on the potential risks and complications that come with this. This will allow women to prepare themselves better.

One of the first risks for a multiple pregnancy that will be discussed is preterm labor and premature birth. Preterm labor along with premature birth is one of the biggest risks that are associated with multiple births. Pregnant women carrying multiple babies are twice as likely as pregnant women carrying one baby to go through preterm labor. If medical professionals catch the situation early, enough it can be managed and sometimes alleviated altogether.

Monozygotic multiples that share one placenta are prone to develop what is called a Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome also referred to as TTTS. This occurs when a placenta's blood vessels are crossed and cause the blood to flow unequally among the babies. Essentially one of the babies becomes a blood donor to the other baby. This syndrome does not affect the mother, but it is dangerous for both of the babies involved. If this syndrome occurs doctors are able to surgical fix the problem with lasers.

A very small percent of twins are subject to developing into Monoamnionic Monochorionic Twins. It is the result of mono-zygotic twins becoming enclosed in one amniotic sac. During the progression of the pregnancy, the babies' umbilical cords are tangled up together and begin to compress, this cuts off the babies' nutrients and oxygen that is being delivered to their still developing bodies. This situation has yet to have a cure and the only thing that can be done is to go ahead and deliver the babies.

Some of the risks associated with multiple pregnancies are only dangerous for the babies but others can also be dangerous for the mother as well. Not only will a pregnant woman who is carrying multiple babies be physically and emotionally strained, they may be at risks for certain complications.

Pregnant women who are carrying multiple babies have two times a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes then women who are carrying one baby. This is probably because women carrying multiple babies have a higher level of hormones, which can interfere with their body processing insulin. A majority of the time the diabetes can be handled with diet, but in some cases, women will have to take insulin. This condition is not harmful to the babies it just affects the mothers.

Women carrying multiple babies have a higher risk of developing placenta previa and placenta abruption. Any problems that affect the placenta may cause the mother to hemorrhage, but if the mother is monitored properly, conditions can be detected early enough before they ever have a chance of getting too serious.

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